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I am a professional writer who can proofread or edit your work.


Standard Rates: $40 per hour. I proofread at approximately 2000 words per hour (8 double-spaced pages). I edit at approximately 1500 words per hour (6 double spaced pages). Original writing takes approximately 3 hours per page if I need to do research before writing. It takes much less for writing off the top of my head. In order to initiate a contract, simply contact me, and then make a $20 down-payment. After you have a chance to evaluate my work, we will come to an agreement on final payment terms.


Contact me on the form below, or at karl.kjer@gmail.com. I get an email either way, and I usually respond within minutes.
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PayPal and direct deposit options available. Send down-payment via PayPal (please contact me first):